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I took a vow to plant at least a tree in every new place I visit!

I visited Uva province and decided to plant a citrus plant. This time, the highlight was I replaced a dead plant by this new one. This idea was actually from a hotel staff who helped me dig a hole to plant the citrus plant in the hotel premises where we stayed. I was amazed by his thought and had a deep breath thinking “ there are enough people around my country to take the mission forward”. Have a look!

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Impact of greenery in Batticaloa.

Hi welcome back to another blog, last blog we were clarifying about the importance of greenery and how “Let’s map green” is planning on building awareness and supporting the sustainable development goals;1 No:13 “climate action”, No:14 “Life on land”. Even though let’s map green” mapping all over the world it’s base still remains in Sri Lanka, as you know the organizations intend is to spread awareness to the remote areas on earth gradually.

Today we’ll be speaking of Sri Lanka which is also known as the “Pearl of Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka is a country with an estimated population of  21 million people (20,961,206). If each individual in Sri Lanka starts planting trees around his/her surrounding, think of the progression rate in greenery within the country. This is a small milestone to that “let’s map green” is working on to achieve the main goal of “Let’s map green”!!

Therefore, “Let’s map green” thought of starting from its surrounding, The Base of Let’s Map Green; Batticaloa is a district in Sri Lanka, where it resides in the eastern coast of the country. Its recognized for its touristic attractions the beaches, the lagoons, Scooba-diving, surfing, hospitality etc.., Batticaloa is also renowned for its history. The only fact that most of the people don’t know is that Batticaloa is also famous as a district that produces of the most paddy yield, when compared to other districts of Sri Lanka. Batticaloa is a district where most of the wheat is produced. The most common Agri-products of the district are coconut, wheat, & cashew.

The total population of Batticaloa is estimated to be 92,332 out of the total population. If you look at the diagram, the diagram concludes that the careers of Batticaloa has been based on industries such as Agriculture, fisheries etc. even though still there are zones in Batticaloa that has high thermal rate, drought lands and other aspects that affects plant life. To overcome this crisis, lets’ map green will take actions, and I’ll be notifying you so stay tuned! The percentage of the age limit between 25 – 30 within total population is 9.4%, sums up to a number of 8680 individuals, if each individual plants a tree on a monthly basis, by the end of the year there will 104160 trees!! Just think how could this impact on the climatic condition, the soil dense, the annual rain-fall regionally. As we are an organization that spreads awareness, we give priority on this matter and take actions on behalf of it.

Article by Purshottaman Nallaretnam

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200 Trees in Sri Lanka

Planting green along the coastal belt was an interesting initiative. These are the highlights of our 200 planting program held in Kalkudah, Sri Lanka on 11th August 2018. There were special requests from a corporate entity as well as a Local government body. Further to this, through a personal contact, we distributed them to a newly established colony consisting of fifty-five families. The team was so excited to see these requests from communities as well as corporate entities, which we consider as the accelerated opening of awareness among stakeholders.


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Lets Map Green – Avenue planting in Sri Lanka

With much enthusiasm, here we come up with the long awaited avenue planting event in Batticaloa West. 

Western part of Batticaloa is surrounded by Batticaloa lagoon and has been a severe trauma due to several issues prevailed for more than a decade. Hence, the physical infrastructure are being renovated in this area. Identifying the need for shades and greenery along the roads, our team of volunteers has reached the relevant government authorities requesting support for avenue planting and the department of forest has donated 200 plantings of Mahogany trees.

This big avenue planting event will be the upsurge to the beginning of greening the world from the most needed locations. Throughout my journey of creating awareness among people about greening the world through maps, some of the authorities has promised to support this venture with one “BILLION” trees. I know, this is quite a huge amount. I wish I could see a considerable amount of patches and belts around the world before my demise. Come join us for some free rain!

When: August 11, 2018 @ 07:30 (+0530)

Join us from: Veppamara Pillayar, Narasingavairavar Kovil, Kallady, Sri Lanka

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Let’s join hands together in creating much greenery on maps. Happy planting!

Let’s Map Green is a web portal that allows users to plant trees, pin them on a map and monitor progress while embracing its growth through uploading photos on to the same portal. Also, this initiative gives a way to find places where trees and green patches are less in count through NVDI and plant more trees in such places.

Moreover, at this initiative, rather than planting on random slots, what I do is evaluate the patches around my geographical location for areas with less or not vegetation and I aim planting over these areas in order to maintain a well dispersed greenery rather than dumping all the plants into only a given location. This initiative also has a facility to donate trees, fertilizers and other utilities required for managing trees and greenery. These donations are meant for those people who live in urban areas and do not have space in their vicinity to plant trees. These donations are however not meant to be in money. These are only the above and are donated only at meet ups or at any circumstance they get to meet another nature enthusiast who is willing to plant. In essence, this initiative acts as a pool to connect people with similar interests in greening planet earth.

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