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Victories of planting trees 🌳🌳

We who stand proud about many victories of planting trees through let’s map green understand a fact that the hard work of the beneficiaries who take care of the plants is the major reason behind the success. Everything that a plant requires intense care during the first couple of months. Especially until it grows 2 to 5 feet tall. Now with all the support, we are proud to say that this has been a successful project so far and more to go until we reach our billion trees target.

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50 Trees in Batticaloa Sri Lanka

With the support of Rev. Cryton Outschoorn, Rev. Nigaston & Rev. Jeroston, we have planted 50 trees in their Seminary, the real happiness is planting trees and the influencing people to ensure that they will take care of the trees. we had a fruitful discussion about different topics of planting and sustainable development programs through Lets Map Green. We would like to thank them for inviting us for this tree planting event in their place. hope to do more tree planting with them in future.


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25 Tree Planting with Batticaloa Lady’s Lions Club 🌳

Power of girls’ unity… Look what our Batticaloa lady lions club volunteer has done. They know the importance of tree planting and fight against climate change. They have planted 20 trees in the rural area and have educated kids on this. Well done Lady Lions.
Day by day the number of let’s map green members is increasing. thank you for joining with us


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Photo Walk & Tree Planting 🌲

This time, as a highlight we got many kids for tree planting in a particular area in Batticaloa to make more awareness among the public and planted some trees with the support of kids.

Look at these kids. They are so cute and no words to explain about their curiosity while planting. After planting we have named those plants with some of their names. They also promised us that they will take care of those plants and they will also plant more trees in the future. That made our day!!! We were fulfilled with bundles of joy with those word from these little kids. I felt like I have given the responsibility of Greening the world to the future generation.

With all those memories we completed our event and went home. Yeh, then only the rain actually started and some of us got fully wet while on our way. Thank you for all who joined us to get some free rain and photo walk.

Please check the RECAP here

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This time it is something green that we are going to host in Batticaloa.

This time it is something green that we are going to host in Batticaloa.

I have bought 50 trees and am planning to plant them throughout the walk in different places in Batticaloa.

Join me if you are interested in gathering some free rain by planting more green resources. This is going to be one fun-filled meet up while making the earth green.

Yes, if you wish you can copy down the GPS coordinates/upload to of your plant and later (when you are relaxing in your 60’s) you can view them on Google maps.

Date: 03/11/2018

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Replacing Trees!

As a follow-up to our previous 50 tree planting program held in April, I went around to have a look at the progress of their growth and found one tree dead. Wanted to make an immediate response and went to grab another tree to replace it with and I did it without any hassle. In fact, this gave me a very satisfying feel. I felt like giving birth to a new life. Happiness is not just planting. It’s taking care of them too.

VideoIlankovan Thushyantha Replaced a dead tree from a school in Batticaloa Sri Lanka

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Plant… Plant…. Build the Chain!!

Are you one of those enthusiasts who creates post pyramids and content chains on Facebook by posting black and white pictures, ice bucket challenges and Kiki challenges?

Have you ever thought of doing something good for the earth while?

Let’s plant a Tree 🌲 and map it📍

Let this green chain become an addiction.

Plant a tree! Pin this on the map!! add a photo on facebook!! Tag THREE friends on FB!!! Let the chain continue!!

Oh wait! Did you say “I have No space to plant?” Try it with a cactus or a succulent.. All that I need is just something green that could consume the Carbon Dioxide we produce..

Let me start this!

Please use #LetsMapGreen #LetsMapGreenChallenge Tags

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