Welcome to Lets Map Green

Welcome to Lets Map Green

Before you read through this blog I would like you to take a deep breath and acknowledge the air you inhale is pure and harmless for your wellbeing, and also realize that the only source that humanity’ s existence depends is on the greenery that surrounds you!

Now, I would like, if you would question yourself, what have you done for your coexistence with the ecosystem that you live in? have you ever? If you can recollect a memory, that you have contributed for the nourishment of greenery surrounding you, then the Let’s map green will make sure those memories increase gradually. Even if you can’t recollect any memory, the platform will motivate and guide towards greenery development.

Let’s cut to the chase, “let’s map green” is a web-based portal where users can plant trees, tag them on a map and examine the growth of their plant by uploading photos on to the portal. By using this method, the users can identify where green spots are lacking, and start planting suitable plants according to the landscape and environment of the area.

Let’s map green platform is available for any type of user without age restrictions. The main objective of the platform is to increase the amount of greenery in our ecosystem and ensure a nourishing future for the upcoming generations. By tracking each individual plant that has been planted by user; the user gets notified about how his/her plant has been propagated from time to time.

Let’s map green was started on the 31st of March 2018. So far, the platform has extended its milestone up to 100,000 trees around the globe, the milestone started with 50 trees, then it extended up to 1000, At the moment there are users from  Ghana, Australia and Sri-Lanka and we stand on a milestone of achieving hundred trees globally, we invite you to be apart of the green revolution that we are standing for as well.

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